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Compliance Inspection Training Course
Cover Image of "Conducting Environmental Compliance Inspections"On this page, you will find the documents that comprise the Environmental Compliance Inspection Training Course. US EPA developed the manual in August 2002 after pilot courses in Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, and South Africa.

The course is not designed for specific regulatory or media areas, or for specific industrial or municipal groups. Rather, it is intended to be an introduction to the common skills needed for any type of environmental compliance inspection where a determination of the facility’s compliance status is required. The key sets of course materials are available below.

The Conducting Environmental Compliance Inspections: Inspectors Field Manual - International Edition (PDF icon, 4.16 MB) is the student text and represents one internationally accepted model for conducting compliance inspections. However, other models exist that may be equally or more applicable to a particular regulation or program.The course provides participants with an approach for effectively conducting environmental compliance inspections and becoming involved in the environmental compliance review and the resolution of any violations found.

Versión española: El manual titulado "Inspecciones de Cumplimiento Ambiental: Manual de Campo del Inspector (2007)," (PDF icon, 3.58 MB) en su edición Centroamérica y República Dominicana, es el texto del estudiante para el curso y representa un modelo internacionalmente aceptado para realizar inspecciones de cumplimiento. Sin embargo, existen otros modelos que pueden aplicar de igual o mayor forma para una reglamentación o un programa en particular. El curso proporciona a los participantes un método para llevar a cabo inspecciones de cumplimiento ambiental de manera efectiva y para involucrarse en la revisión del cumplimiento ambiental y en la resolución de las infracciones encontradas. El Manual de facilitador (PDF icon, 8.86 MB) también está disponible.

Facilitator's Manual
The Environmental Compliance Inspection Training: Facilitator's Manual has been developed for course facilitators to use in conjunction with the student text entitled "Conducting Environmental Compliance Inspections." (Note of caution: The Manual, while available in its entirety, is 21.2 MB. Consequently, it may take a very long time to download. We recommend viewing the Manual by chapter.)

Facilitator's Manual by Chapter (PDF files)

Background Information, Table of Contents, and Introduction to the Manual
Session 1 Introduction
Session 2 Expectations for the Course
Session 3 Environmental Compliance: The Goal
Session 4 Role(s) of the Inspector
Session 5 What makes Requirements Enforceable?
Session 6 Inspection Planning
Session 7 Collecting Defensible Evidence
Session 8 On-Site Activities
Session 9 Interviewing Techniques
Session 10 Sampling and Laboratory Issues
Session 11 Field Equipment and Supplies
Session 12 Preventing Sampling Mistakes
Session 13 Documenting Inspections
Session 14 The Enforcement Process
Handouts 1-7
Evaluations and Agendas
Facilitator’s Manual in its entirety (PDF icon, 21.2 MB)

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Related Materials
Session 1: Introduction
Session 3: Environmental Compliance: The Goal
Session 4: Role(s) of an Inspector
Session 6: Inspection Planning
Session 7: Physical Sampling
Session 8: On-site Activities
Session 9: Interviewing Techniques
Session 10: Sampling and Laboratory Issues
Session 11: Field Equipment and Supplies
Session 13: Documenting Inspections

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