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Environmental Impact Assessment Links
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I. International

A. General

International Association of Impact Assessment

B. Comparative

Australia - EIA Network
International Study of the Effectiveness of EA
UNEP EIA Training Manual
European Union - Commission -Environmental Assessment
Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency

University of Wales, Aberystwyth - EIA Center

Oxford Brooks University - School of Planning - EIA Unit
Institute of Development Studies, Sussex - EIA Library
Environmental Assessment in Countries in Transition

Asian Development Bank - Environmental Assessment Policy

Inter-American Development Bank - Environmental Assessment Page
World Bank - Environmental Assessment

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II. United States

A. Primary NEPA Agencies

Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ)

CEQ Guidance

Considering Cumulative Effects: On line manual

Effectiveness of NEPA: 25 year study PDF Icon.

CEQ Annual Reports

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) - Office of Federal Activities

Environmental Assessment Resource Guide
Generic EA resource for almost any project. Scoping, generating alternatives, impact I.D. & analysis, mitigation, decision making.

Environmental Assessment Case Study
Environmental impact assessment w/ real-life example: maps, photos, interviews, simulated fly overs of project area, workbook exercises.

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B. Other US Federal Agencies' NEPA Sites

Agriculture, Department of

Animal Health and Plant Inspection Service

Forest Service - NEPA

Rural Utilities Service - Environmental Services

Commerce, Department of

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Defense, Department of

Energy, Department of


General Services Administration's NEPA Call-In Site

Housing and Urban Development, Department of

Manual for HUD Staff to Conduct an Environmental Review

Interior, Department of

Bureau of Land Management - Colorado State Office -NEPA

Bureau of Reclamation - Technical Communications Group

Geological Service - Environmental Affairs Program

Transportation, Department of

Federal Highway Administration - Environmental Planning Office

Federal Highway Administration - Eastern Resource Center Environmental Guidebook


C. Laws & Regulations

The National Environmental Policy Act
Statute for Clean Air Act, Section 309 (pdf)
Executive Orders
CEQ Regulations for Implementing NEPA
Listing of Regulations of other Agencies implementing NEPA

D. Case Law

Major Cases interpreting NEPA
Selected Recent NEPA Cases

E. Organizations

International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA)

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