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Seventh International Conference on Environmental Compliance and Enforcement
9-15 April 2005

Conference Proceedings Volume 1

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Introductory Materials
  Executive Planning Commitee and Conference Sponsors
Panel 1: Relationship between Good Governance and Environmental Compliance and Enforcement
  Sir John Harman, The Relationship Between Good Governance and Environmental Compliance and Enforcement
Panel 2: The Compliance and Enforcement Message
  Sachiko Morita and Durwood Zaelke, Rule of Law, Good Governance, and Sustainable Development

Workshop Session 1: Exploring Current Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Topics

  Workshop 1A: Economic Aspects of Environmental Compliance Assurance
    Krzysztof Michalak, Economic Aspects of Environmental Compliance Assurance
    Phyllis Harris, Combining Legal Mandates With Economics in the Application of Environmental Law
    Theo Rietkerk and Geert Rolleman, Environment Cooperation Between the Province of Overijssel and the Environmental Committee of the Chambers of Commerce
  Workshop 1B: Compliance Incentives and Other Assistance
    Rene Drolet and Thomas Maslany, Compliance Incentives and Other Assistance
    Rob Van Slijpe, Enforcement Assistance Programme for Firework Storage Sites
    Dr. Paul Leinster, Jim Gray, Chris Howes & Rosie Clark, Compliance Promotion in the United Kingdom
  Workshop 1C: Eco-message/Interpol and the Police
    Andrew Lauterback and William Clark, Interpol’s Ecomessage
  Workshop 1D: Compliance and Enforcement Theories and Design Principles
    Leroy Paddock, Strategies and Design Principles for Compliance and Enforcement
    David Grossman and Durwood Zaelke, An Introduction to Theories of Why States and Firms Do (and Do Not) Comply with Law
    Fred Kok, National Strategy for Environmental Legislation Enforcement
    Angelique A.A. Van Der Schraaf, The Compliance Strategy in The Netherlands
    Georges Kremlis and Jan Dusík, The Challenge of the Implementation of the Environmental Acquis Communautaire in the New Member States
    Annette B. Killmer, Designing Mandatory Disclosure to Promote Synergies Between Public and Private Enforcement
    Wout Klein, Minimum Criteria for a Professional Environmental Enforcement Process
  Workshop 1E: Certification Systems, Including ISO 14000 and Other Environmental Management Systems
    Chris Howes, Sandy Rowden, and Martin Cheesbrough, Environmental Management Systems and Regulatory Compliance
    Chiqui de los Angeles Barrecheguren Beltrán, Instruments for the Sustainable Development of Companies: Environmental Agreements
  Workshop 1F: Information Management, Reporting Requirements, and Self- Monitoring
    Sachiko Morita and Durwood Zaelke, A Review of Empirical Studies on Environmental Compliance
  Workshop 1G: Good Governance and Rule of Law
    Geoffrey Garver, Measuring Performance Through Independent Enforcement Review: Challenges and Opportunities for Independent Reviewers, the Public and the Governments and other Institutions Subject to Review
    Dionysia-Theodora Avgerinopoulou, The Rise of Global Environmental Administrative Law – Improving Implementation and Compliance with the Means of Global Governance
  Workshop 1I: Citizen Participation in Environmental Enforcement
    Georges Kremlis, The Aarhus Convention and its Implementation in the European Community
    Svitlana Kravchenko, Strengthening Implementation of MEAs: The Innovative Aarhus Compliance Mechanism
    David Hunter, The Emergence of Citizen Enforcement in International Organizations
Panel 3: Enforcement Initiatives -- Stories of Success
  Peter Bareman, Getting a Grip on the Asbestos Chain
  Bert Groen, Legionellose Prevention in the Netherlands
  Daniel W. Hake and Peter E. Tholen, Enforcement in Rural Groningen
  D.C. Hornung-Couwenberg, Enforcement at Group Level Applied to Waste Disposal Groups
  Henk Ruessink and Kees Huizinga, Environmental and Health Risks from Abandoned Industrial Sites – A Structured Approach
  Jan De Koster, Contamination of the Twente Canal: Enschede’s Drinking Water Supply under Threat
  Arend Kroes and Henk Ruessink, Cooperation Pays: Integrated Inspections Reduce Burden on Private Sector
  Jolanda Roelofs, Road Transport Inspections,
  Dr. Victoria Sapozhnikova, Environmental Protection in Russia
Panel 4: Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Indicators: Measuring Performance, Managing Resources
  Michael Stahl, Using Indicators to Lead Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Programs
Workshop 2: INECE Compliance and Enforcement Indicators and Other Current Topics
  Workshop 2A 1-4: ECE Indicators: Getting Started
    INECE Expert Working Group on ECE Indicators, Performance Measurement Guidance for Compliance and Enforcement Practitioners
    Kathlene Butler and Gabrielle Fekete, Measuring Compliance Program Progress and Impacts: Lessons from USEPA’s National Petroleum Refinery Compliance Program
    Maria Di Paola, Pilot Project on ECE Indicators in Latin America: The Case of Argentina
    Dr. Moshibudi P. Rampedi, Experiences in Environmental Compliance and Enforcement in Limpopo Province, South Africa (full version of Dr. Rampedi's paper, with tables and Annexes)
    Lawrence Pratt and Carolina Mauri, Environmental Enforcement and Compliance and Its Role in Enhancing Competitiveness in Developing Countries
    Katia Opalka, Enforcement Indicators and Citizen Submissions on Enforcement Matters under the North American Agreement on Environmental Cooperation
    Dave Pascoe, Focused National Indicators
Workshop 2E: Criminal Law and Environment -- Prosecutors, Inspectors, Police and Nongovernmental Organizations
    James A. Morgule, et al, International Environmental Enforcement Initiative: Lessons Learned from U.S.-Belgian Dialogue Regarding Environmental Criminal Enforcement
    Nchunu Justice Sama, Criminal Law and Environment: Prosecutors, Inspectors and NGOs In Cameroon
  Workshop 2G - Compliance with and Enforcement of Multilateral Environmental Agreements
    Carl Bruch and Elizabeth Mrema, UNEP Guidelines and Manual on Compliance with and Enforcement of Multilateral Environmental Agreements
Panel 5: Strengthening The Implementation of Multilateral Environmental Agreements
    Elizabeth Mrema, Lusaka Agreement as a Mechanism for Enforcement of CITES
    Desire Rubidiri, Implementation of International Environmental Agreements: The Case of Botswana
Panel 6: INECE Cooperation Projects and Workshop 3: Networking to Improve Enforcement Cooperation
  Workshop 3A: Water Resource Management -- Governance to Eliminate Poverty
  Romina Picolotti, Argentine Case Study: Using Human Rights as an Enforcement Tool To Ensure the Right to Safe Drinking Water
  Workshop 3B: Vessel Pollution
    Albert Klingenberg, Enforcement of Chlorofluorocarbons Regulations On Maritime Vessels
  Workshop 3C: Hazardous Waste at Ports
    Nancy Isarin, IMPEL-TFS Seaport Project: European Enforcement Initiative to Detect Illegal Waste Shipments
  Workshop 3D: Analyzing the Compliance and Enforcement Mechanisms of the Montreal Protocol
    Gilbert Bankobeza, Strengthening the Implementation of Multilateral Environmental Agreements
    Madhava Sarma, Compliance with the Montreal Protocol
  Workshop 3E: Enforcement of Emissions Trading Programs
    Dr. Neil Davies, The Role of Compliance and Enforcement of Emissions Trading Schemes
    Scott Stone and Durwood Zaelke, The Essential Role of Compliance in Emissions Trading Schemes
    Chris P. A. Dekkers and Marc M. J. Allessie, The Infrastructure for Permitting, Inspection and Enforcement of NOx and CO2 Emissions Trading in The Netherlands
  Workshop 3F: Illegal Logging: Regional Strategies for Enforcement Cooperation
    Brenda Brito, Paulo Barreto, and John Rothman, New Brazilian Environmental Crimes Law
  Workshop 3G: Penalties and Other Remedies
    Justice Amadeo Postiglione, Environmental Damage in Italy in Relation to Directive 2004/35/EC
    INECE Secretariat Staff, Penalties and Other Remedies For Environmental Violations: An Overview
Panel 7: Compliance and Enforcement in the Context of Multilateral Development Banks
  Harvey A. Himberg, The New Accountability and Advisory Mechanism of the Overseas Private Investment Corporation: The Application of International Best Practices of International Financial Institutions
Closing Materials
  Project Management and Conference Support

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